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Internet Trends

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

This presentation from Mary Meeker at Morgan Stanley is quite interesting.
Prediction of the growth of mobile internet and the rise of TV on the internet for prime time entertainment.

Internet Trends Presentation

Simple Invoices: Full-Featured Open Source Web-Based Invoicing

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Simple Invoice


Recently, we downloaded, installed, and ran Simple Invoices to get a feel for its capabilities.

We found Simple Invoices to be a well-featured invoicing application.  It is an open source, web based solution that supports taxes and has a very user friendly invoice creation form. Although easy to use once installed, installation requires some technical PHP skills, which may keep a lot of less technical people from using the application.


- Support for taxes
- Itemized or Total-style invoices
- Simple to use invoice creation form
- Invoices can be exported in PDF, Excel and Word
- Custom fields
- Invoice from multiple companies


- Installation problems
- Confusing initial setup
- Navigation menu counter intuitive
- No currency
- No custom log
- No discounts capability
- No online payments

Give it a try

You can try the demo installation at the Open Source As A Service site:
Password: demo123

Simple Invoices web site: