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5th House production, online video

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

FithHouse logo

We gave an hand to 5thHouse to improve their web site look and the quality and responsiveness of their online videos.

5th House is a multi-award winning production company with international experience. Awards include: Yellow Pencil, A.C.E. Award, First Boards Award, & PDAs.

We did a new design based on simplicity, accessibility and cluter-free user interface, then we re-encoded the video in higher quality and set them up on a Content Delivery Network for faster and smoother streaming.





Ofuz pitch at LAWebMo

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I will be presenting Ofuz to the public for the first time Saturday 22th at LaWebMo meetup, Pitch your product, prototype or idea.



LA WebMo

LA WebMo

If you are in the area pass by, it should be interesting.

UPDATE: the presentation slides are posted Ofuz blog

Yogaglo is getting some traction

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Kurt the CyberGuy from KTLA did a piece on Yogaglo that came out today on nationwide television: Yoga Strikes a New Digital Pose

The filming:

The result:

Then, just after the filming crew left, Forbes Life did a short description of Yogaglo in Find of The Day

In the past week Derik, Yogaglo’s founder, also arranged interviews with the LA Times and Huffington Post.

When you take a look at what Yogaglo users are saying, no wonder its a success:

Here’s another update from Paris. I’m sure you’re busy, but i just want to send you all my gratitude for yogaglo. It’s revolutionary!
Thanks to your service I’ve found a solution – and more!

Martin, Paris, France

The website design is beautiful.  Clean, crisp look and nicely organized.  I will be spreading the word to friends in the weeks to come.  The seamless movement between the 15-minute segments requiring no manual clicking is as good as I’ve seen in online video.  The volume of the music is solid. I think Jo is a star yogi teacher and even better person.  Best of luck!

Kevin, New York City

What a perfect celebration of the power, peace, diversity, and radiance of our global lifestyle community.
Yogaglo has uniquely innovated a multi-platform brand which will sustain the test of time; and lead with relevance, grace, and style. is a virtual Conscious Community Center reflecting the heartbeat of those devoted to building boundless bridges inward and outbound.
Thank you for being the connector to those of like mind and heart.
Imagine the potential….

Tracy, Los Angeles

I just found out about this site/concept today. I think it’s brilliant! Bravo to you for making this a reality. I look forward to practicing with you here in San Francisco.

Trish, San Francisco

You can read more Yogaglo testimonials at Yogaglo’s Blog: Testimonials

Yogaglo and LA Yoga summer kick off festival

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Last Friday was the big party for Yogaglo.

It included LA Yoga magazine and over 50 sponsors from the Yoga, health and sustainable community. It was a great success with high turn out. I had the chance to meet very interesting people and will post interviews in follow up blog posts.

Yogaglo is not just an Online video site — it’s also a community, and the success of this event showed us how big the community is.

In the video you will see Derik Mills (blue yogaglo t-shirt), the founder of Yogaglo. To listen to the full speech you can go to the blog. The suspended Yogi is using the Omgym system and in the end there’s a short interview with Kayoko Mistumastu, co-founder of YogaGivesBack.

Disclaimer:  SQLFusion implemented the web site, video processing and hosting of

1 year after

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Ok it’s been a year since the last blog post.

Incredible year; we had amazing projects going on but very little time to talk about it.

The 2 most noticeable ones are Ofuz and Yogaglo .

Screen shot of Ofuz o.3

Ofuz Contacts

Screen shot of Yogaglo beta4

Yogaglo Home PageYogaglo LA Yoga kick off party

Yogaglo is unlimited yoga in your home for a small monthly fee. The classes are available online in High Definition.

A big kick off party is happening on the 26th — an entire block in Santa Monica will be closed with live bands, and over 400 people from the Los Angeles yoga community are expected.

See you there.