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Interview with Jose DaVeiga, co-founder of Klicksports

Monday, July 20th, 2009

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Jose DaVeiga in his home in west LA for an interview on how Klicksports came to be, and for a demo of the technology.

We have 2 videos: one with the interview of Jose (on him and his company) and the other with a demo of their technology.

In this interview, Jose reveals how, inspired by the promises of interactive TV,  he  invented the perfect interactive platform for sports games in 2001 and made it a reality five years later.


Interview with Kayoko Mitsumatsu, co-founder of Yogagivesback

Monday, July 6th, 2009

At the Yogaglo / LA Yoga festival I had the chance to talk with Kayoko, the founder of YogaGivesBack. From the yoga community they bring support to women in India with micro lending.

I spoke a couple minutes with Kayoko about Yogagivesback and micro credit.

If you are interested in participating, come at a special fund raiser class the 26th of July at Yogaglo. Take an amazing Yoga class and the $25 donation will go  to YogaGivesBack.

The web site is at and check out a short trailer that explains the micro founding in India.

G33kd1nner at uWink, Baseloop friends relevance and the Cobra language.

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I was at the Los Angeles G33kd1nner last week and had the chance to talk with Chuck Esterbrook — the creator of the Cobra language.

Chuck created this new programing language with productivity and performance in mind. It has its origins from Python with productivity and performance improvements from other languages like Java, C++, Ruby…. It currently run under .NET virtual machine and Mono. It may possibly work on the Sun virtual machine.

I’ve messed up my Mono setup so I could not get it to work on my setup, so I will post more once I get it running.

On our table were Baseloop folks; they discussed their official release. It’s a calendar based social network. One of the characteristics is the friends relationship and organization. You grade friends and set visibility to your content accordingly.

In the video below, Spencer explains how baseloop’s friends relevance is better than Facebook’s contextual lists.