Yogaglo and LA Yoga summer kick off festival

Last Friday was the big party for Yogaglo.

It included LA Yoga magazine and over 50 sponsors from the Yoga, health and sustainable community. It was a great success with high turn out. I had the chance to meet very interesting people and will post interviews in follow up blog posts.

Yogaglo is not just an Online video site — it’s also a community, and the success of this event showed us how big the community is.

In the video you will see Derik Mills (blue yogaglo t-shirt), the founder of Yogaglo. To listen to the full speech you can go to the blog. The suspended Yogi is using the Omgym system and in the end there’s a short interview with Kayoko Mistumastu, co-founder of YogaGivesBack.

Disclaimer:  SQLFusion implemented the web site, video processing and hosting of

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