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Multi touch screen everywhere

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

3 years ago multi touch screens were  experimental .

Today with the iPhone, fingers are now part of the human - computer interaction.

Things are changing fast and multi-touch is becoming more more affordable and more software is built with touch in mind.

I was at Microsoft Monday for a demo and hands on with some User Interface products. Lynn Langit demo’ed five point multi touch software possibilities on an $800 HP laptop running Windows 7. Even if it was nice, I am still not convinced it will make a significant difference in improving user interactions with their laptop.   Still, it will be nice to have and a good addition to the mouse.

Next, Wood Pewitt let us play with the Surface and that’s something else. It’s a table, the smartest table I know. Keeping it in the context of a table I can see a lot of possibilities for this. It’s very engaging — the touch has a great feel and I can see it in restaurant, bars, airports … even homes. To order your food, drink, tickets, play casual games, organize your media, select a movie to see….. Its currently at $10,000 but I bet we will see multi-touch  tables at $2,000 in fewer than 2 years and $500 ones in 4 years.

G33kd1nner at uWink, Baseloop friends relevance and the Cobra language.

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I was at the Los Angeles G33kd1nner last week and had the chance to talk with Chuck Esterbrook — the creator of the Cobra language.

Chuck created this new programing language with productivity and performance in mind. It has its origins from Python with productivity and performance improvements from other languages like Java, C++, Ruby…. It currently run under .NET virtual machine and Mono. It may possibly work on the Sun virtual machine.

I’ve messed up my Mono setup so I could not get it to work on my setup, so I will post more once I get it running.

On our table were Baseloop folks; they discussed their official release. It’s a calendar based social network. One of the characteristics is the friends relationship and organization. You grade friends and set visibility to your content accordingly.

In the video below, Spencer explains how baseloop’s friends relevance is better than Facebook’s contextual lists.

1 year after

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Ok it’s been a year since the last blog post.

Incredible year; we had amazing projects going on but very little time to talk about it.

The 2 most noticeable ones are Ofuz and Yogaglo .

Screen shot of Ofuz o.3

Ofuz Contacts

Screen shot of Yogaglo beta4

Yogaglo Home PageYogaglo LA Yoga kick off party

Yogaglo is unlimited yoga in your home for a small monthly fee. The classes are available online in High Definition.

A big kick off party is happening on the 26th — an entire block in Santa Monica will be closed with live bands, and over 400 people from the Los Angeles yoga community are expected.

See you there.